Three Years of Purpose

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YEAR 1 : Transformation

Focus on the heart


The question that is resounding today in ministry is not, “Are you willing to let God use you?”. Rather the question is, “Are you willing to let God mold you so that he can use you?”. When coming in for your first year, you will be inundated by the knowledge of God and the Love of Jesus, the Son of God.

YEAR 2 : Information

Focus on the hands


The second year is considered the year of information. It is here where you will continue your leadership journey. You will be prepared mentally, intellectually, and academically. The knowledge obtained during the second year will prove to be indispensable for longevity in leadership and will
establish some paradigms that will lead you to become a better leader for today.

YEAR 3 : Application

Focus on the mind


During the third year of Ignite you will be submerged into a hands-on
ministry approach, while still learning timeless lessons such as conflict resolution, counseling, communication in ministry, budgeting and team building.


Earn a Degree or Ministerial Credentialing

In our partnership with Southeastern University, School of Ministry students will have the opportunity to earn a degree or ministerial licensing while enjoying the exclusive opportunities and classes that are unique to Ignite School of Ministry.

Degree Seeking Student

Southeastern University offers a unique, church-based extension site
program at Ignite in which students can earn a regionally accredited degree.

Early Bird Application Deadline for SEU: March 15, 2018

Firm Application Deadline for SEU: August 7, 2018

For students who apply by March 15, 2018 and complete their application by June 1st, they will receive a custom SEU Welcome Gift.

All other applications must be submitted by August 7, 2018. This is 2 weeks before the start of classes (August 22).

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Credential Seeking Student

The Academy, Southeastern University’s three-stage program, allows you to complete the academic requirements for Assemblies of God certification, licensure and ordination from the convenience of the Ignite Campus.

More about The Academy

Hands-On Leadership Training

In addition to SEU or Academy courses, Ignite Trainings & Courses provide students the ability to learn beyond the classroom through hands-on leadership experience.

Life Skills

We believe there are fundamentals to life that set the foundation to succeed as a minister. As we often say, in order to become a Man/Woman of God, you must first become a Man/Woman. These trainings prepare a strong foundational path for all ISM students:

Ministers need to learn proper manners and social skills now more than ever. Our etiquette training will provide students the social skills needed for both personal and professional success in life.
We believe we are to be good stewards of what we have been given, this include finances. This course trains students to set a budget, balance a checking account and creating a successful towards financial health.
Cooking Practicum goes far beyond just teaching a recipe from a cookbook. Our knowledgeable instructors are passionate about getting participants involved in the cooking process, further inspiring them to strengthen their skills in the kitchen & properly nourish their body.
“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”—Matthew 20:28

Jesus’ time on earth was spent serving humankind. As we follow His example as our guide, Servanthood is a course focused on serving by an means necessary.


Students have the option of choosing a practicum, a versatile group of classes that allow students to put their ministry classes into practice. Upon entering their second and third year, students have the opportunity of choosing a concentration that will further their experience in these fields.

Merchandising allows students the unique opportunity to participate in the inner workings and operations of the merchandise and apparel department of Ignite.
It’s where creativity and communication meet. Students enrolled in the Media Elective will actively be involved in the areas of graphic & web design, marketing and social media.
Film offers students the opportunity to conceptualize and create film & photography projects for the diverse events & ministries at Ignite. Students will be involved in the creation of photo shoots, trailers, television programs and live broadcasting.

Concentrations — Second & Third Year

Pastoral Care


Social Services

Administration: Church & Business

Media & Film

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