Each Year at a Glimpse

three years of purpose

Year 1: Transformation

The question that is resounding today in ministry is not, “Are you willing to let God use you?”. Rather the question is, “Are you willing to let God mold you so that he can use you?”. When coming in for your first year, you will be inundated by the knowledge of God and the Love of Jesus, the Son of God.


Year 2: INformation

The second year is considered the year of information. It is here where you will continue your leadership journey. You will be prepared mentally, intellectually, and academically. The knowledge obtained during the second year will prove to be indispensable for longevity in leadership and will establish some paradigms that will lead you to become a better leader for today.


Year 3: application

During the third year of Ignite you will be submerged into a hands-on ministry approach, while still learning timeless lessons such as conflict resolution, counseling, communication in ministry, budgeting and team building.

Ignite Courses

The Ignite Classroom is the place to recalibrate, refocus and rebuild the necessary foundation of the Word of God. Regardless of Campus location, ISM provides a group of diverse and practical classes that not only will challenge students in their spiritual walk, but will provide them with the essential tools to be well-rounded leaders.

Year 1
Identity Management
Enemies of the Heart
The Principle of Promotion
Doctrine of Loyalty
Pathology of Offense
Ministry Roadmap 101
Year 2
Enmity of the Soul
School of Prophets
Complexities of Leadership
Ministry Roadmap 201
Preaching 101
Social Justice and Advocacy
Year 3
Conflict Resolution
Crisis Management
Counseling 101
Essentials to Launch
Ministry Roadmap 301
Building a Championship Team

Hands on Training

Students have the option of choosing a practicum, a versatile group of classes that provide students the ability to put their learning into practice.

& social services

Degree Seeking or Credential Seeking?

As an ISM student you have the opportunity to earn a Degree or Ministerial Credentialing. In conjunction to our world-class courses, we have partnered with the University of Valley Forge and Ignite Ministerial Institute to grant all ISM students two pathways that align with their vision, goals, and calling all the while living out the Ignite hands-on experience.

See below what choice fits you best!

University of Forge
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Our partnership with UVF will grant ISM students the opportunity to graduate with a degree.

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Holistic Ministerial Training for those who dare to selflessly live their lives in service to God and others.
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