Ignite School of Ministry is a radical institution of higher learning equipping people who dare to selflessly live their lives in service to God and others.


Our purpose at Ignite School of Ministry is to see you radically transformed by the power of God through prayer, academics & intense discipleship.


In a generation that is looking to find its identity in everything, we are dedicated to go against the current stream of popular opinion, culture & society to provoke a generation to find its God-given identity and to live for what matters most.

Live for what matters most.

Our Executive Leadership

Mark Vega


Lisa Vega


Adolfo gomez

Gainesville Exectutive Co-Director

Joey Cruz

Gainesville Exectutive Co-Director


Gainesville Exectutive Co-Director

Esther Omeben

Gainesville Exectutive Co-Director

Nick Bruce

Gainesville Program Director
a brief HISTORY

Building leaders since 2006


While leading a missions trip, the Lord spoke to Pastor Mark on beginning a school dedicated to training young ministers.


Ignite Internship is birthed and opened its doors in Tampa, Florida, welcoming the first seven students.


After nine months of training, traveling and serving, the first group of students graduate.



Ignite Summer Internship is launched in Tampa, Florida.


Pastors Mark & Lisa and the Ignite leadership follow the Lord’s call to transition 2 hours north to Gainesville, Florida.
Ignite Life Center is launched as a church dedicated to bringing life & service to the community of Gainesville.


Ignite transitioned from a Nine-Month Internship into a Three-Year School of Ministry.


Ignite took its first mission trip to Panama.


Ignite opened its doors outside of Gainesville and a temporary Summer Internship campus in The Bronx, New York was launched.
The partnership with Southeastern University, grantied students the opportunity to earn a degree while studying at ISM.



Ignite expands its reach to the West Coast with launching Ignite Summer Internship in Phoenix, Arizona.

With the completion of the Summer Internship in 2017, Ignite graduated 1,000 students.



Following a powerful Summer Internship in Phoenix, Arizona, Ignite School of Ministry partners with SAGU American Indian College and establishes its first permanent campus.


Ignite traveled to the Dominican Republic for missions.
Seeing the growing need of ministerial training in the East Coast, Ignite New York is launched in August in the city of New Rochelle.

Ignite Online launches its campus on the web in the Fall of 2019.


We felt building a program to identify holistic ministers around the nation
Ignite Executive leadership felt in our hearts to continue building holistic ministers who weren’t able to join the school of ministry therefore launching IMI for people to join all around the nation to received biblical training from the comfort of there homes. IMI Virtual launched September 2020

"None of the positions I have held or the doors that have been opened for me would have been possible without Ignite. Now, over 10 years later, I still treasure the lessons learned through my time as a student and leader."

Pastor Alex Oquendo, Class of 2007

The Ignite Family

In response to the growing need to equip people from various walks of life, Ignite has developed various entities with a local and global reach.
Mark Vega Evangelistic Ministries
Ignite Life Center
The Call of Duty Men's Conference
Transformed Women's Conference
University of Forge
New for Fall 2020!

Our partnership with UVF will grant ISM students the opportunity to graduate with a degree.

Available now at all campuses
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